Ottawa's LRT

Andre knows the ins and outs of Ottawa's LRT Project

The Light Rapid Transit project currently under construction in the City of Ottawa is the single biggest infrastructure project since the completion of the Rideau Canal in 1832. Its first phase, now re-scheduled to open sometime in early 2019, will fundamentally and forever change Ottawa’s economic map, shifting residential, office and retail locational preferences towards this vital transportation corridor.

This shift will result in significant market value uplifts for most properties in the vicinity of coming LRT stations. An economic impact study commissioned by the City of Ottawa in 2011* shows that proximity to LRT stations can increase property values in the 10% to 50% range. More specifically, the study suggests that residential properties could see 15% to 30% market value increases, retail properties 10% to 50% increases and office properties 15% to 50% increases, depending on a number of factors, the key one being convenient walking proximity to a station.

Having worked for 6 years with the LRT project’s real estate acquisition team, Andre is equipped with a thorough knowledge of this evolving project’s expansion phases and construction schedules. He can assist prospective homeowners, investors and developers identify opportunities and neighbourhood preferences, insuring that their investment will meet or exceed their expectations.

On an ongoing basis, Andre is actively researching development land-assembly opportunities within 400 meters of the planned LRT stations.

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