Drones in Real Estate

The increasing use of drones (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or UAVs) to better visually market properties has been a controversial topic within the real estate industry. Photo and video perspectives available through the use of drones are certainly spectacular and informative.
Unfortunately, the majority of aerial real estate media created with drones for area brokers are illegal as they have been captured without proper authorization from Transport Canada.

Most recreational UAV pilots, as well as many commercial ones, are unaware of the many rules governing the use of UAVs. It may come as a surprise to most that over 90% of the airspace over Ottawa is “controlled air-space” and as such, UAV operators must have a “Special Flight Operating Certificate” (SFOC) from Transport Canada in order to legally fly their drones. In addition to a long list of over 70 restrictive guidelines outlined in SFOCs, the operator is required to have significant UAV liability insurance. If you or your agent hires a non-certified UAV pilot to capture images or videos of your property, there is a risk of significant fines and/or liability should an accident occur.
Andre has been a certified drone pilot operating with an SFOC for a number of years. He has performed hundreds of UAV flights for clients to help them better market their properties.


For more information on applicable rules, please see: https://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/civilaviation/opssvs/getting-permission-fly-drone.html